The library is named after Richard Ondeng', an individual who has contributed a great deal to the establishment and development of the University.
Our print resources are placed in open stacks for the convenience of users.The library maintains open access shelves to give enough choices to users so that they can select desired information materials.They can go directly to stacks and look for what they require if the search results show that it is available.Access to electronic resources is also available.

The Richard Ondeng library serves the whole of PAC university community. For the students, Membership of the library begins with registration for the first academic year and is automatically cancelled directly after completion of the final examination in the year of graduation. People who aren't part of PAC community (faculty, students and staff) who wish to become users may apply for a library pass at a cost of kshs 5,000 per year for reading space only. If anyone wishes to use internet facility, then an extra kshs 1,500 is payable above the 5,000 payable for reading space. Alumni students are welcome to use the library facilities at a cost of 2,500 per year. In case there's need to use internet facility, an additional cost of 1,500 is payable.
External users and Alumni are expected to carry their pass and produce them to the security officers in order to be granted access. They may use the holdings but are NOT allowed to borrow from the library.

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