Question: How do I get access to the Library facility?
Answer: You need a library card in the form of student ID, staff ID or external user’s ID.

Question: How does one become a member of the Library?
Answer: One is a member of the library, either as a student or staff of the University. PAC University alumni are accepted but at a fee. Others have to pay a membership fee of kshs 1,500 per year with no access to internet.

Question: What are the library opening hours?
Monday – Friday 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Saturday 9:00Am t0 6:00PM
Interterm 8:00AM to 5:00PM
The library is closed on Sundays and on all public holidays

Question: What are the borrowing rules and privileges?
i. Students: six books for two weeks; renewable once
ii. Faculty: ten books for four weeks
iii. Other staff: two books for two weeks

Question: What must I do when library material is damaged or lost?
Answer: Pay replacement cost or replace with a copy of latest edition of the same with an additional processing fee of kshs 500

Question: What are the overdue fines?
Answer: 5/- per day per volume for normal loans and 10/- per hour for reserve/short loan books. A fine of up to 500/- is charged for books remaining out during the exam period.

Question: How do I extend the loan period of Library material?
Answer: Present the material to the library staff at the circulation desk on or before the retention date.

Question: How do I return Library materials?
Answer: To the library circulation desk for discharging

Question: How do I renew Library materials?
Answer: See bullet 7 above

Question: A book is indicated on the catalogue that it is available but cannot be traced on the shelves. Why is this so?
Answer: Our library is open-shelf and the readers leave books on the tables, which results to this situation. Please ask for help at the circulation desk.

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